How Does One Celebrate Wild Turkey Day?

The definition of traditional Wild Turkey Day food, drink, and games is the sole discretion of the designated WTD host and participants. But there's bound to be some Wild Turkey Bourbon* involved some how, some way.

What is Wild Turkey Day?

Wild Turkey Day, or WTD (as seen on the infamous WWWTDDD? bracelets) is celebrated annually on the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday. This is effectively the last Friday of the month of November.

Wild Turkey Day occurs each year on the same day as Black Friday in the US. Woe upon the world, Black Friday is the day when people try to hurt themselves shopping, or try to hurt themselves complaining about other people shopping.

Thankfully, Wild Turkey Day offers a healthy alternative to Black Friday. By joining in the Wild Turkey Day celebration, people spend more time with friends, avoiding both shopping and complaining about shopping.

Either motivation is not only accepted, but embraced. Wild Turkey Day promotes tolerance and acceptance among all people who need to recover from Thanksgiving. Seriously—that's probably you.

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adult drinks: they're totally optional, but typically encouraged